NousLib X IPSOS : A flourishing sex life for a brilliant career ?

Today, everything is about success. Success in school, success at work, success in love… What if, in reality, every success began with a satisfied sexual life?

NousLib made a study in collaboration with IPSOS to determine if there is indeed, a link between our professional lives and sexual lives. To inturn conclude that if all you need is a flourishing sexual life to have a successful career.

Our study was conducted on a population of French employees from 18 to 60 years old. In order to establish links between sexual lives and professional lives, we asked questions around how one could have an impact on the other.

 What if you’d just need a satisfied sexual life to feel better at work?
43% of the people we asked said that when they enjoy their sex lives, their behaviour at work is impacted in a positive way (feeling more relaxed, having more energy, more self confidence, more motivation, being more creative, ambitious, having better relationships with their colleagues…). On the other hand, 33% said that when their sexual lives weren’t at best, their behaviour at work was impacted in a negative way (stress, irritability with colleagues, less energy, less ideas, less creativity, less ambitions…).
We can easily observe more happiness at work from the people who are satisfied with their sex lives. Just follow your desires and the results will be positive!

 Being sexually satisfied would make one feel better at work, but how about the work itself? Could it also be impacted?
Of all the people we asked, 30% think that their sexual fulfillment has an impact on their productivity at work and on the quality of their work. Even more interesting, 60% of managers recognize that sex has an impact(positive or negative) on how they manage their teams. A considerable impact when we see that one out of every 3 french people is leading a team of at least 2 people. Our sex lives would have an important and considerable impact on our position in the society.

 But what about having a great career? Our study helps us to know more about it.
37% of the people who don’t feel fulfilled by their jobs are not sexually fulfilled either. We can also observe that 1 out of 4 french people (50% of 18-24 years old) think that a person with a brilliant career is more sexually fulfilled than the average. We can consider this the last point in our study.
Indeed, 58% of people with better salaries(more than €60k by year) have weekly sexual intercourses (in comparison, this stat is about 44% on a more “average” population).

 A collective subconscious that could maybe be justified by a link between sexual excitement and work (23% of the people asked, declare that they are at least “sometimes”  not focusing at work because of a strong sexual excitement). If we can’t say for sure that having sexual intercourse will be enough to give you a great career, we can say for sure that a flourishing sexual life will only have a positive impact on your professional life!

So get it on, explore and have fun! Your job is already thanking you!