The Erotic Podcast: A New Market Struggling to Be Heard.

Erotic podcasts are audio to listen to alone or with others, in bed, during transportation, or even in the car, and can take the form of erotic stories, "jerk-off instructions" (guided masturbation), sexuality-themed shows, or feverish narratives.

These podcasts exist for people who want to ignite their senses. Whether it's an exploration of fantasies or a simple form of meditation, they are particularly appreciated by the female audience looking to spice up their libido.

While these podcasts are gaining increasing popularity due to a growing interest in sexual fulfillment and the popularization of pleasure, they remain somewhat discreet. Indeed, companies in the sextech industry, with their innovative podcast concepts, face numerous obstacles. They encounter judgment from advertisers who perceive sexuality as highly taboo and vulgar, and they often face censorship from the majority of social networks. Consequently, it is challenging for these startups to advertise their products. Financing is equally complicated due to the hesitancy of banks and investors when it comes to this topic.

To make a mark in this market, one must hold on tight.

That is why the development and democratization of the sextech sector in France are crucial. The changing societal attitudes toward liberated sexuality leave us confident about the future of the erotic podcast market.

So, are you interested in listening to a little story under your sheets?