Nouslib gets a makeover: CBK presents a new brand identity for its liberated dating site.

Our well-known dating site, Nouslib, is getting a makeover as it proudly presents a brand new identity this Friday, September 8, 2023. The move is designed to reinforce the platform's commitment to liberated dating and meet the changing needs of its thriving community.

Featuring new icons, an all-new logo and an overhauled homepage, Nouslib's new brand identity is both bold and elegant, emphasizing open-mindedness and freedom in relationships. The new design, incorporating artistic illustrations reminiscent of paintings, highlights the "French Touch" and reflects the diversity of our users, while demonstrating our desire to create an inclusive space where everyone can fully express their personality and desires. 

This evolution testifies to our commitment to listening to our community and constantly innovating to offer an ever more enriching experience in tune with societal evolutions.