Benching : When love is on hold

In the world of modern dating, a new term has entered the scene: benching. This rather enigmatic concept is redefining the way we approach romantic relationships in the digital age.
Benching is much more than the act of keeping a suitor on the sidelines; it reflects the complex dynamics and intriguing behaviours that lie behind our smartphone screens. Here we explore this phenomenon, its origins, and its impact on the search for love.

Benching is a term used to describe a situation in which one person keeps another interested in a relationship on hold, but without fully committing. This can manifest itself in sporadic messages, repeatedly canceled or postponed appointments, or even a lack of clarity about intentions. Unlike ghosting (disappearing without explanation), benching keeps hope alive while maintaining a certain distance.

The motivations behind benching are varied. Some people may not be ready to make a serious commitment to a relationship, but they don't want to completely lose touch with someone they're interested in either. Others may simply enjoy the attention and emotional benefits without wanting to commit. Either way, benching can leave the person waiting in a state of uncertainty and frustration.

Benching can have a significant emotional impact on the person waiting. Uncertainty and lack of clarity can lead to stress, confusion and feelings of vulnerability. Yet the "bencheur" can also be affected, as he or she risks losing opportunities for genuine relationships while juggling waiting suitors.

All in all, benching is a complex phenomenon that illustrates how relationship dynamics are evolving in the digital age. It highlights the issues of communication and engagement in the modern dating world. While some see it as a strategy for keeping options open, others see benching as a manifestation of uncertainty and fear of commitment.
One thing is certain, benching reflects a complex and nuanced reality in our efforts to find love in the digital age. In this ever-changing world of dating, it's essential to navigate with clarity, honesty and respect for others' feelings, while remaining aware of the potential pitfalls of "benching".